The Je Ne Sais Quoi to it All

By Mark E. Smith

There’s an ultimate je ne sais quoi to it all. It’s the tipping point where your skin fits – perfectly. It’s that inexplicable eloquence as you glide through life defying any preconceived notions of who you should be, all because you just are who you are, not a facade or a mirage, but true from the inside, out. Your core, anchored stronger than concrete, even an 8.0 on the Richter scale can’t shake you. As Nina Simone put it, “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me – no fear.” And, I’ll add that in everything you do, you don’t need to worry about any of it. Man, Woman, brothers and sisters – the je ne sais quoi of us all – just be. You.



Author: Mark E. Smith

The literary side of the WheelchairJunkie

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