All of Us


By Mark E. Smith

Why is it that others rarely see our deepest struggles? Sometimes it’s because we don’t allow others to see or know of our struggles. And, sometimes it’s because others seemingly don’t want to see our struggles, as it’s too painful, too real to witness. After all, most want to believe in ideals, that those we love and care about will never face struggles.

Yet, we all have struggles. The parent. The high school senior. One with a disability. The recovering addict. The couple that just celebrated their 30th anniversary. The financially strapped. The ultra wealthy. The minority. The majority. We all have struggles. Different, yes. But, struggles, no less.

And, there’s a beauty and pride to it all that too few realize. See, when we’re struggling, it feels like a battle for survival, but we’re truly thriving. People who don’t struggle at some point in life aren’t learning, growing, trying to better themselves. In this way, the struggle is emblematic of a victor, not a victim.

And, all of this leaves us, as those who struggle, with a question of ultimate integrity: If we don’t allow others to know of our struggles, how will they not feel alone in theirs?


Author: Mark E. Smith

The literary side of the WheelchairJunkie

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