The “Heart” of Complex Rehab Technology – Video

By Mark E. Smith

When most consumers think of complex rehab technology, they think of… well… technology. However, some today don’t realize that the true nature of complex rehab technology – stemming from the original and current innovators – isn’t just about mobility products, but it’s about the heart, ordinary individuals performing the extraordinary simply to better the lives of others. It’s with great privilege that I share one story from my lifetime journey and passion in complex rehab, where heroes in my life taught me so much about the “heart” in complex rehab. Enjoy the video.


Author: Mark E. Smith

The literary side of the WheelchairJunkie

2 thoughts on “The “Heart” of Complex Rehab Technology – Video”

  1. Mark, my brother told me that you read our story on my website. That is so cool! My brother Mark is one of the most wonderful, humble people you will ever meet. It’s about time that people knew the contributions that Mark and Mark have made to the DME industry! I’m still in the battery business in Bakersfield California and I would love to talk to you and meet you! Call me anytime.
    (661) 549-9621 cell
    P.S. please check out a recent documentary called “Dave and Zac’s quest to Sac.” Dave Mensch is my neighbor in Bakersfield and just recently set a WORLDS RECORD for miles traveled in a wheelchair in one day!! His chair was powered by MK 8G27GEL batteries that we donated for his quest.

  2. I totally agree with Mark regarding the freedom jell cell batteries provide vs acid ones. I’m completely dependent on my power chair for mobility. Over the years , I have had great wheelchair/ rehabilitation specialists who have made a big difference in my life especially as I age.

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